Facebook makes billions selling content created by Canadians, especially journalists. They don’t ask permission. They just take it. 

There’s a word for taking someone’s stuff without permission or payment: theft. And Canadian journalism is paying the price. Since 2009, Canadian media have shed almost 20,000 jobs. During that time, Facebook’s revenue grew almost 100-fold. But payouts to Canadian news outlets are still $0.

While Facebook cashes out, the people who make the news are disappearing. And with them the real news we depend on.

When Australia tried to get Facebook to pay journalists for news content, Facebook answered by banning all Australian journalism from its platform, leaving only hate, illegal content, and misinformation to fill the void.

Canada is set to adopt rules similar to Australia to get Facebook to compensate Canadian journalists for the news content Mark Zuckerberg makes billions from. We need to send a message that we won’t be pushed around.

Time to pay up.

FRIENDS is the only advocacy group standing up against Facebook’s bullying tactics.

Show Facebook we won’t be pushed around. Join us now.